FFT payment processing software is a flexible and adaptable white-label platform based on a modern architecture designed to grow and develop in line with your business. Our fully customizable payment solutions offer the ability to add new functionalities.

payment processing software
p2p payments

P2P Transfers

Create accounts for individuals, with or without linked card, or internal payments. Define various purposes, statues, and tariffs depending on configuration with p2p payments.

Payment Solutions- Mass Payouts

Our payment solutions can upgrade your business client account infrastructure to handle deposits, payments, ecommerce and other use cases with easy-to-implement, full-functionality accounts.

payment solutions
payment software for better customer experience

Payment Processing Software-Better customer experience

Payment Processing Software is easy to make, receive, manage and reconcile, helping both your ops teams and your customers.

Intelligent Routing

Use intelligent payment routing and flexible fee structures to define better pricing models for your clients

intelligent routing connect payment solutions

In the modern finance, our payment solutions stand as the bridge between innovation and seamless transactions. From the efficiency of our payment processing software that empowers businesses with swift and secure transactions to the convenience of our P2P payments that redefine personal fund transfers. FFT Software is committed to transforming the way transactions occur.

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