Digital Banking

Ready-to-use. customisable digital banking solutions that provides you with a powerful software for launching your digital bank – fast and without detours.

We understand the importance of staying ahead, and our digital banking solutions pave the way for efficiency, growth, and continued success.

Digital banking

Customer engagement

FFT Software- Digital Banking Solution

Transform your customers into influential brand ambassadors by consistently surpassing their expectations.

Customer journeys

Tailor the customer experience to their unique preferences and habits by delivering content and services through the most appropriate channels

solutions banking

Digital Banking Solutions- Digital sales

Discover innovative approaches to identify and meet the evolving needs of your customers while optimizing revenue generation opportunities at each touchpoint throughout the customer journey with our digital banking solutions.

digital banking demo

Customer onboarding in Digital Banking

Transform the way you onboard prospective customers in the digital space by providing a faster, easier experience than in-branch banking, but also as safe as.

Data-Driven Sales for Solutions Banking

Identify the ideal moments to connect with customers, create meaningful interactions, and effectively convert channel traffic into sales.

Open API & Ecosystem

Boost your product and service offering by seamlessly integrating with other financial or non-financial service providers, unlock a world of opportunities to deliver innovation for your customers to enjoy.

Digital banking system
WHY FFT Software
Omnichannel banking platform

Allowing consistent user experience access across channels.

Artificial intelligence enabled

AI based chatbots and user journeys

Personalized customer journeys

Create new customer journeys, tailored to fulfill each user’s priorities and preferences

Easy integration

Easy to implement and ready to connect with existing core-banking systems via FFT Integration Layer

Platform composability

Select and implement only the modules that suit your business strategy

Total control

All from one unified platform allows you to run operations easier and more efficiently than ever before

Transform your financial ideas into reality and begin building today

At FFT Software, we are committed to guiding financial institutions or businesses on their journey to embrace digital banking and unlock its transformative potential. Our suite of digital banking solutions is designed to propel your organization forward, ensuring you remain competitive and relevant in the dynamic financial landscape. Join us in revolutionizing banking – where innovation, efficiency, and customer-centricity converge. Experience the future with our solutions banking today.

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