Why Choose FFT Payment Tech Platform?

As the backbone of our innovative solutions, the FFT Payment Tech Platform offers a modular platform fabric with frequently-used capabilities, allowing you to drive innovation according to your unique requirements.

Plug & Play

You can plug & play any module as per your business need.

Modular & Scalable

Open architectural design with flexibility localize and customize your bespoke solutions.

Sleek User Experience

With our qualified customer-focused and easy-to-use digital payment solution, you ensure a seamless user experience.

Faster time to Market

FFT Payment Tech brings you proven technology and out-of-the-box capabilities to accelerate the time-to-market for your fintech solutions.

Lower TCO

Your cost of ownership is reduced because we also support micro-service architecture and cloud deployment.

Secure Platform

You will get a completely secure platform that is PCI SSF standard compliant for users’ data protection and safety.

Platform Core

Core of the Platform

Give your business a complete turnaround with a solution that comes with a strong base and a mature core.

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Vertical and Horizontal Scalability

Deployment on-premise/Cloud-agnostic

Integrations and API readiness

Security by Design

Central Administration and Monitoring

PCI-SSF Compliant


A look into our powerful platform capabilities

A large collection of industrialized and composable capabilities give you the flexibility to rapidly create tailored financial experiences. It’s built as a single platform from the ground up and designed to empower you to innovate on your own terms.

Digital Onboarding

First-class onboarding that drives higher revenue. Give your customers an an intuitive and fast account opening experience.

Fast & safe account opening
Seamless funding options
KYC Management

Ensuring proper KYC management and identity verification for the safety and security of all the users that are onboarded.

Leverage FFT standard regulatory compliance tools – eKYC. Or alternatively, you can replace with your existing or preferred compliance tooling and decisioning.

Extensive payment methods

A wide range of payment options on the platform for all types of transactions ensure you’re supporting customer’s needs

Powerful integrations

A wide range of options for integrating an elegant, consistent and customer-friendly payment process as part of your checkout process.

Whatever your requirements, FFT meets them: SDKs for mobile apps, hosted payment pages, server-to-server API and Payment.js library with hosted fields.

Fee Management Engine

Ensure full transparent relationship between operator and merchant.

Calculates all fees in real-time
Live overview at any time
Leverage data for smart routing
Payments center

Manage payments from end-to-end, support the lifecycle of a transaction.

Payment Scheduler
Smart Transaction Routing
Channel HUB
Account Infrastructure

FFT Multi-Tier Ledger Management is designed for complex payment flow.

It creates a hierarchical structure of sub-accounts, granting distinct permissions and user access to each level. This unparalleled flexibility caters to the needs of clients, customers, and partners alike.

Customer Payment Profiles

Customer payment profiles in FFT allow end customers to store their payment methods and use them with all of your sales channels.

The secure payment profiles that can make checkout simple and speedy which create a seamless user-friendly shopping and payment experience.

Post Processing, Reconciliation & Settlements

Automates all your reconciliation and settlement workflows. Optimize the complex process of exchanging and matching up transaction data with third party systems and service providers, consolidating the various disparate formats and displaying them in a centralized and uniform manner.

Multiple type of users

Multiple types of users align with your business model, with complete transparency and efficiency.

Risk Management Engine

The FFT Risk Management Engine allows you to independently implement your own fraud prevention and risk management strategy. Make it easier to identify and react accordingly to potentially high risk payments.

The associated verification criteria can be configured individually and combined to form risk profiles.

Monitoring & Reporting

Makes your payment flows fully transparent. Immediate access to all critical KPIs at a glance, and can easily customize your own attractive and insightful dashboard views, define pivot tables directly and export financial reports.

You can automatically transfer data for further analysis to Business Intelligence solutions in your system environment.

Transform your financial ideas into reality and begin building today

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