Cards have emerged as indispensable tools, offering diverse options to suit individual preferences and needs. FFT Software presents a comprehensive range of card solutions, including virtual credit card, prepaid cards, and plastic card, each tailored to enhance convenience, security, and financial control.

Modular software to launch next-generation card programs. Your customers will be able to order and use their virtual and plastic cards in web, iOS, and Android apps

plastic card

Physical cards

Enable a card-issuing program for your clients. Connect every issued plastic card to a new or existing account. Process and control card delivery, limits, and accountability.

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards

The fastest and easiest way to launch a card program and test ideas risk-free for fintech startups. FFT Software offers a turnkey solution for prepaid cards so you can keep focused on your business and customers.

virtual credit card

Virtual card

Instantly issue virtual credit card or virtual card connected to new or existing accounts. Available to use immediately.

cards platform for customization and scalability

Customization and Scalability

At FFT Software, we offer a modular core platform that enables easy customization of features, workflows, and integrations to fit your unique needs. Our platform is designed to be future-proof, allowing for instant scaling locally and globally across multiple currencies and regions without scaling costs.

Cards have evolved from mere payment tools to instruments of convenience and security. At FFT Software, we’re committed to elevating your financial transactions through our diverse card solutions. Embrace the power of virtual credit card, prepaid cards, and plastic card, and experience a new level of financial empowerment. Join us in shaping the future of financial transactions with our innovative card solutions today.

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