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FFT offers a suite of software base on our cutting-edge payment tech platform, empowering banks and fintech businesses to build digital wallets, payment processing systems, digital banking, and various other fintech solutions with world-class reliability and stability.

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Originated from China, Applicable Worldwide.

China, as the world’s largest contributor with 42 trillions US dollar (year 2021) to digital (Online & Mobile) payment transactions, hosts a diverse and dynamic landscape of innovative activities and scenarios.

As the overseas brand of Robust&Rapid System Co., a leading independent payment software vendor in China, FFT‘s products have accumulated the best practices in technology and business innovation from the world’s most dynamic marketplaces. Furthermore, our products have been successfully applied in emerging markets across Southeast Asia and Africa, showcasing their versatility and adaptability to global environments.

Since 2011
Co-Innovation and Growth with Digital Payment Industry in China
200+ Projects
accross 100+ Happy Clients
Industry Awards
Technology Patents

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Digital Payment Solutions

For a wide spectrum of industries

FFT provides not only software packages but a comprehensive technology infrastructure that combines advanced solutions with top-notch services. With our platform and solutions at the heart of your business, you can focus on innovating and creating value for your customers.

Orchestrate customer journeys across all channels along with secure payment infrastructure.
Unlock new revenue streams by providing bill payments, subscriptions, and more through eWallet.
Empowering seamless real-time payments interoperability


Brings you proven payment technology and out-of-the-box capabilities to accelerate the time-to-market for your e-wallet. Creating a mobile wallet for your organization has never been simpler!

Seamless paytech and fintech enabled mobile wallet and digital banking on a smartphone
Online shopping and payment platform with multiple payment methods
Multiple Payment Methods
Armed with extensive contactless payment methods like QR code, NFC, USSD, & Virtual Cards to make your customer’s transactions a whole lot easier & quicker.
Fully Customizable UI
Designed with best UI and UX practices, FFT software Mobile Wallet can be tailored to fit your branding seamlessly, and provids a hassle-free experience for your customers.
Extremely Scalabe Backend Core
Based on FFT payment tech platform,enables easy customization of features, workflows, and integrations to fit your unique needs. FFT’s payment tech platform is designed to be future-proof, allowing for instant scaling locally and globally.

All-inclusize Payment

FFT all-inclusive payment solution supports the complete lifecycle of a transaction,monitors transactions in real-time, runs risk checks, and consolidates payment data in one place.

Catering for all business types
Empower different businesses – from online e-commerce marketplaces to brick-and-mortar stores with to accept payments across various channels.
Streamlined payment acceptance
Get maximum flexibility to customize the payment transaction flow and offer frictionless transaction processing both in-store and a secure payment gateway for online transactions.
Any currency, multiple channels
Support an unlimited number of currencies and let merchants accept card payments, process digital wallet transactions as well as bank debit card payments, etc.
multi currency account


Easily issue, activate and manage your prepaid card programs with security and convenience. It’s user friendly, simple, accessible, and scalable for all.

All in One - Issue & Manage Cards
From card issuance, activation, and management, to an admin view of the solution, manage all card operations at your fingertips.
Enhanced Customer Experience
Empower your customers with advanced self-service features. Let them activate cards, make payments, load funds, check balances, view transactions & more, leading to enhanced satisfaction

Digital Banking

One-stop digital banking service, allowing your customers to enjoy convenient and fast banking services anytime, anywhere.

Personalized customer journeys
Tailor the customer experience to their unique preferences and habits by delivering content and services through the most appropriate channels
Omnichannel banking
Allowing consistent user experience access across channels.
Open API & Ecosystem
Boost your product and service offering by seamlessly integrating with other financial or non-financial service providers, unlock a world of opportunities to deliver innovation for your customers to enjoy.

Success over the years

With our platform and solutions, our clients can concentrate on grasping the ever-evolving demands of their users, enabling them to provide groundbreaking financial services. Our technology empowers them to efficiently provide high-value service. Our adaptability and capacity to expand render us a valuable ally for any institution seeking to enhance its fintech services.


FFT assists a Malaysian client in launching an award-winning eWallet platform in 60 days.

Solution: eWallet

Future Banks

FFT empowers a Cambodian bank in achieving its ambition: become the best digital bank.

Solution: Digital Banking

In the highly competitive financial services and fintech solutions landscape, standing out is imperative. Our digital solutions are not just about keeping up with the trend; they’re about setting new standards. By embracing these innovative tools, you position your financial services as forward-thinking and customer-centric. As the industry evolves, your business will be at the forefront of innovation, attracting clients who value efficiency, security, and convenience.

In conclusion, the future of financial services is digital, and your business deserves the best tools to navigate this exciting journey. Our new generation fintech solutions and digital solutions are tailored to elevate your financial services, providing efficiency, security, and a customer experience that sets you apart. Embrace the power of digital solutions and position your financial services for success in the ever-evolving landscape.

Contact us today to explore how our digital solutions can transform your financial services and drive your business towards a brighter, more technologically advanced future.

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